Consider these materials for your countertop


There are so many countertop options to take into account that you might risk picking the wrong one just because you don’t have the patience to go through each and every one anymore. I have decided to make a short list of the ones that I have found to be most durable and useful over time and God knows that I have tried several over the years.



Plastic laminate is one of the cheapest alternatives you’ll find, and I suppose it’s useful because it can withstand the test of time and is rather hard-wearing. Something that you need to consider, however, is that there are two types available for sale on the market. One of them is a general-purpose one and the other is for cabinet doors, backsplashes, and drawer faces. So, obviously, you need to make sure that you’re getting the first choice.


Ceramic tile is another material that you might be interested in. Some people don’t like it because it’s quite cold and because it seems to be dated. There used to be a time when most countertops you’d find in kitchens would boast ceramic tile on their surface. I need to add that, whether you install it yourself or not, it’s crucial to use tile for floors instead of that which has been designed for walls. The one on walls is far thinner than the other, so it’s likely to crack ahead of time.


Wood is another great-looking material, but the main problem with it is that you’ll scratch it by accident. There are several studies that suggest that tiny cracks in wood countertops can lead to bacterial buildup. So, in this respect, it might not be the safest choice of all. Plus, depending on the type of wood, it might actually cost a pretty penny. In the end, although it might look great, the downsides are just too many to go for a wood countertop.



Concrete is a material that you should give some thought to if you’re into the looks of granite. The latter often costs way too much for the regular homeowner, so you might have to do without. A high-quality counter made out of concrete can start at about eighty-five dollars. Soapstone starts at one hundred dollars and slate countertops are in the range of two hundred dollars.


What I’m trying to say is that you need to make sure that you think ahead of things. On the one hand, you probably have a budget you have to stick to, to avoid spending too much because the countertop is just one part of your kitchen. On the other, you need to ensure that you’re getting a durable material and one that, unlike wood, won’t risk endangering you and your family.




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