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Interior design has always been my passion, and I even took some classes back in the days in order to pursue my passion. Although I earn my living from something else, I still offer people my advice regarding interior home and industrial decorations in order to create their perfect, harmonious spaces.

It is now extremely easy to gather all the information you need in order to become a good interior designer, as there are numerous design blogs nowadays. From other passionates just like me to rewarded architects and designers, as well as specialized publications, everyone loves to write about interior designs and brag about their achievements.

If you want to give your house a new flow, if you’re planning on redecorating only one room or simply want to change something, I suggest you follow these specialized blogs and learn from the best.

Elle Decoration

One of the most appreciated fashion & lifestyle magazines in the world has opened new horizons by launching their own regular publication exclusive for interior decorations. It is a good starting point if you want to find new tendencies, read general information or get to know the decors created for several industrial spaces. In my opinion, the publication provides decent advice for the beginners and some of their articles are truly on point.

However, as with most paid advertorial magazines, Elle doesn’t always promote the cheapest designers and interior decorations. So, if you’re not a millionaire, you’ll have to start learning some DIY tips if you want to make your house look posh and fashionable.


Apartment Therapy

Just as the name suggests, this blog mainly focuses on creating unconventional living spaces and make the most out of the space you got. I know living in a big city is not always cheap, and the real estate choices are rather poor and limited if you’re looking for large spaces. So, I like the on-point articles about apartment decorations you can actually purchase without spending a fortune, as well as the ingenious solutions for making the most out of a small and crowded room.


Decor 8

From what I’ve seen this is a rather popular blog amongst youngsters and “the Millennials”. Fast-forward solutions to all your interior decoration problems are found in this small blog.

It mainly focuses on specific decorations and not as much as on furniture pieces or lavish constructions. I say it is a win-win for those who are young and want to find an easy solution about redesigning their rooms or studios without spending a fortune on furniture pieces and heavy decorations.

I suggest you take a look at all of these blogs and do your own further research if you are looking to find specific interior decorations for rooms. It is amazing how many things you can now do with your own two hands and a little bit of research, so why not try reproducing some of these designs with minimum costs and maximum intelligence in your own personal projects?


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