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Building and equipping your own workshop is not an easy job, especially when you have to consider what kind of tools to buy when working with wood. Therefore, because I believe there are quite a few people who enjoy carpentering as a hobby as well, I have put together a list of what I consider the most important power tools one’s workshop cannot go without.

  1.    A drilling press

Because drilling is not something you can do without the use of a machine, one of my favorite tools that I’ve bought is a drilling press. I personally enjoy using a compact model that works well with both wood and metal. However, before buying such a tool, make sure you select one that is precise, easy to use and that fits well on your worktable. I suggest you settle for a model that was designed with a table raising mechanism, as this option allows for precision and it comes in handy almost all of the time. Additionally, the chuck quality should also be considered, as it is a feature that will prove helpful when drilling. If you don’t know ‘what is the best drill press?‘, I recommend reading expert review sites.


  1.    An electrical screwdriver

Although manual screwdrivers are perfectly good when performing small, once in a while repairing jobs, once you want to focus on building wood made objects that require a lot of effort, an electrical screwdriver acts as a day saver. Moreover, you have to take into account the fact that the materials you have to insert screws in have different degrees of toughness, so you have to make sure you don’t overuse force and grow yourself tired.

  1.    A circular saw

Woodwork, even when done as a hobby, involves a lot of (wood) cutting. Because of this, a circular saw is always a convenient tool one can use. The main feature you should search for in such a device is the blade diameter. In my personal opinion, the best dimensions are 7-1/4 inches. By opting for this common size, you make sure that your new purchase will be able to cut both small and large sized pieces of wood without any problems.


To make sure you get your hands on a safe model, make sure the circular saw you are buying has the electric brake feature. Thanks to it, you will be able to stop the device in less than 2 seconds, in the case of any unfortunate accidents.

These three powerful tools are the basic devices any workshop should contain. However, I am a carpenter by hobby and my choices are based on my particular needs. Nonetheless, everyone who wants to build his/her own small workshop should think about what he/she wants to build in their free time and chose their tools accordingly.

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