February 25, 2024

UV Clothing With Sun Protection for Children

The sun can be extremely harmful to a child’s sensitive skin. Sun protection can be extended from SPF sunscreen and lotion to added protection in clothing and sun protective wear designed to protect sensitive young skin from the sun’s rays. UV clothing provides a variety of options for protection.

Sun Protection Shirts

Summertime clothing for toddlers should probably include a few sun protection shirts, especially for extended playtime in the sun. Sun protection shirts are often swim shirts but are also available as t-shirts that include UV protection from the sun. Many are available in different styles and designs, both long and short sleeve and enable far more protection from the sun than regular t-shirts and tank tops. Sun Grubbies specialize in sun protection clothing and provide sun shirts online and at reasonable prices. Sun protection shirts can also be found with Nickelodeon, O’Neill, Speedo, Tuga and and Baby Banz.


UV Swimsuits and Sun Protective Swimwear for Kids

One of the most common places for children to be overexposed to the sun is the beach. UV swimsuits are designed to provide extra protection against UV radiation. As with sun shirts, Baby Banz provides an entire line of UV swimsuits and sun protective swimwear for kids. Coolibar provides UV swimsuits which are made of high-tech fabrics with a 98% blockage of UV rays. The swimsuits are available in a range of colors and designs for everyone from infants to adults.

Sun Hats for Sun Protection

Sun hats are probably the most accessible protection available in sun protective clothing for children. Children should almost always have a sun hat to protect heads and faces from dangerous UV rays. Most retailers carry hats for protecting children from the sun, including Toys R’ Us and Sierra Trading Post. Choose the sun hat that carries the highest UV protection factor, or UPF. Sun hats are also available for every size and age from infant to adult.

When it comes to sun protective clothing, there are a number of options for UV clothing. Above all, make sure that you are purchasing items that are certified sun protection clothing. A rating of UPF+50 is recommended in children’s sun protective wear, as this means that 98% of the sun’s UV radiation is being blocked. Although you will still need sunscreen for uncovered parts of the body, sun protective clothing will give children the opportunity to play longer in the sun and less interruption for sunscreen application.