February 25, 2024

Making Bird Toys: Making Your Own Parrot Toys Can Save You Money

Pet birds and parrots need toys to remain happy and healthy. But replacing old or worn out toys can be expensive. There are a couple of things that parrot and pet bird owners can do to ease the costs over the lifetime of their pet.

Just like with most cost cutting measures, the trick is to be creative and reuse whatever you can. While you will probably still need to purchase toys from time to time, you can cut the costs of those toys by shopping around and supplementing them with home made toys.


Discount Parrot Toys

One of the best ways to cut the costs of pet bird and parrot toys, and many other bird supplies for that matter, is to shop at bird shows. These shows are usually run by local bird clubs. The club invites parrot and bird supply distributors to set up tables at the event and sell their items directly to the public. By shopping for your pet bird supplies at a parrot show, you are able to cut out the middle man and buy many products at manufacturer-direct prices.

Creative Parrot Toys

With just a little creativity, you can turn almost any small animal toy, or even baby toy, into a parrot or pet bird toy. Small, inexpensive cat toys, such as those plastic balls with the bell inside, can make for a wonderful bird toy. You can either give it to your parrot as a foot toy or you can use a piece of cotton rope to hang it up inside the bird’s cage.

Many baby toys can be used in the same fashion. You can pick up a package of plastic baby links for just a couple of dollars. Use the links to form a chain and drape it across your parrot’s cage or use the links to connect two cat toys together for a better bird toy.

Reusing Old Toy Parts

Often times, event though a bird’s toy looks very worn, there are one or two parts on the toy that can be saved. If you take the time to take your parrot’s old toys apart, you can begin to stockpile your own bird toy parts. Using cotton rope, or other bird safe materials, you can re-string old toy parts into a brand new toy. The best part about using old bird toys to make a new toy is the cost. You can make a brand new toy for your parrot for free, or at least very close to it.

By shopping around, using your natural creativity and saving old bird toy parts, you can drastically cut down your parrot toy budget. You might also find that you enjoy creating new and interesting things for your pet bird to play with.